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“DEORAJE ORGANIZATION FOR SOCIAL SERVICES”a grass root level voluntary organization registered under the Indian society Registration Act 1860.21 is a non-profitable, non-political and non-religious organization. This organization is supported by experienced Rural Development Professionals with a commitment to improve the livelihood of rural poor community of Jharkhand. Our organization is working in Jharkhand. We have the vision to render our services in wider area for the benefit of the rural poor community. Our organization is running a Yojna Birsa Munda Swath Samaj Yojna in Jharkhand to help Community, Woman, Child Development, Health, Education, Employment, Self- Employment, and Farm Development.
Our organization mostly work on the line of rehabilitation of disabled in the society in different area of Jharkhand .Our Team are doing their best in the field of rural development with promotion of common concept that
Securing tomorrow”


Our organization is established to overcome social evils through inclusion & determined efforts to encourage habits for welfare of the society and successful discharge of its responsibility in the creation of a clean and healthy society.

In Today’s running era, we have come so far from our culture that we are losing our identity.

It is our mission of the society that in Today’s era we have to work to get back the cultural heritage.


Our organization is acting as a link between all those people with full of energy those who have started dreaming, who are trying to fulfill their dreams and whose dreams have been broken. Our organization is making an opportunity to help each other by combining them all together giving you a chance to decorate the dreams. For the implementation of this work, the society is promoting a work culture in which people change its style of functioning and looking forward to achieve the social concept along with its dreams.

For this, our Organisation is implementing various types of project to achieve our social dreams.


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