Activities :-Role and Importance of Students in Society

Studying is the main occupation of students. But, being youthful and energetic, they can engage themselves in various forms of social work in their spare time, and in moments of crisis.

  1. Students should take an active role in literacy campaigns.
  2. They can teach the illiterate to read and write.
  3. They should be enthusiastic about opening blood donation camps, founding gymnasiums, blind schools, health centers, libraries, etc. Such enterprises benefit a large number of people, and help in maintaining the society in a good condition.
  4. Funds can be raised through subscriptions, lottery, and through government help. Students, urged by the spirit of social welfare, can also arrange for charity shows to raise the necessary funds.
  5. It is the students who should undertake the responsibility of fighting anti-social activities of a few corrupt people.
  6. They must solemnly vow to eradicate drugs and drinks from their localities.
  7. Whenever there is a general crisis like the outbreak of malaria, or floods or earthquakes, students are expected to come to the aid of the distressed.

The students of today lays the foundation stone of future society. The society should give students the love and encouragement due to them, and see that their studies are not unduly hampered