• Door to door collection HWM:-Our aim to satisfied society with our service. DOSSSEVA will providing Eco-friendly and dependable Door to door collection to last household in society. We believe in reaching out at the grass root levels to tackle the problem of waste and have developed superior door to door waste collection service to provide easy and convenience to our household. We have the expertise to provide municipal as well the individual households/ societies/ township. The much needed waste management service in terms of door to door collection, transportation and waste treatment our friendly waste collectors whom we proudly refer as HEALTH OFFICER reach your door step each day without fail to collect your waste and give you a clean experience.
  • EDUCATIONAL COMPAIGNS :-The best part of the DOSSSEVA model is that it makes a direct impact on the lives of people and the environment. We regularly arrange for educational seminars, awareness campaigns to train housemakers, children,adults alike about the importance of segregation and responsible disposable disposal. We launched a waste segregation compaign called the THE BLUE BIN –GREEN BIN. the resident happly agreed to segregate their organic and inorganic waste before putting it out for collections. This step is not only helping us in our operation but itsis sensitiziting towards waste management.